Saturday, September 19, 2015

Best Marketing Agency in Basingstoke, Hampshire is opening for new customers

After having spent years learning and doing online marketing for ourselves (selling our own, and others products), it is at last time for us to offer these services to small and local business.

  • Are you curious about growing your small or local business?
  • Are you tired of spending hundreds or 1000s on marketing without certainty if it will work, or not?
  • Are you spending money on ads, but it doesn't seem as being as good as it once was?
  • Are you advertising with no form of guarantee on how it will work?

Idun Marketing Hampshirewill only ever offer products that we ourselves use in our own marketing, if it has not been attempted and successful by us, we will not attempt to flog to you!

Local and Small Business Marketing is hard, because most small businesses don't have thousands of pounds to invest in getting their brand known, unfortunately many of them get convinced to spend boatloads of money on things that does not add anything to their business! (e.g. Branding, Logos, Business Cards, Stationery, Signs).

For a Local or Small Business, people working there is/are the brand, and your faces are far more important, and effective that a crappy logo!

What do we offer?

1) Reputation Marketing, which helps you build a 5 Star Reputation Online, resulting in More Business For you!
2) Pay Per Click Advertising, we help you setup successful paid marketing campaign!
3) Local Search Engine Optimization, we help your small or local business get seen online by leveraging whatever your fiercest competitors are doing!
4) Video Marketing, if you don't use video in your marketing you are missing some great opportunities!

We can help and assist on other forms of marketing also (Social, Email, Copywriting), though these 4 are our main areas, and where we get our own business!

Leave us a message on 01183-282244 and we will get back to you ASAP, or visit our website at where we currently offer a video tutorial on 3 Steps to Make All Your Advertising More Effective!

/ Fred Sohlberg, for Idun Marketing

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